Monday, August 18, 2008

August 12 session

Added new test on to EMIT. Good feeling knowing that I can!

Been looking at videos on YouTube for more info.... students liked link made to help with assessment.
Made me all the more keen to find out HOW to put movie onto powerpoint presentation... couldn't figure it out before.
Tried MITOSIS video
Firefox seems to be easiest.
Need to download helper plug-in from firefox, will come up as spinning balls.
Click on ball to open and drag mouse to mitosis flv
Save on disc/pendrive
(will need to be converted to put onto powerpoint - paste URL to Dave - can then put onto mediacat or can send to in movie format WMV/ WMF windows media fie- convert ppt.)
Ensure when saving movie ensure saved with ppt in same folder or parts get lost.

As we are coming to a conclusion with our focus group, I explained I was keen to see how to load a video/movie into ppt.
Oriel felt it important that I complete what I had planned to do as part of the focus group and so ensured that we covered this. This was something I hadn't initially thought of, but through the sharing of ideas and reflecting on our sessions it was an area I was keen to pursue.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Missed last weeks session unfortunately, as we were going to look at Photoshop and 'snagit'
Have been browsing You Tube more looking for videos that might be useful in teaching/revision sessions.
I bookmarked a few sites on - would like to have figured out how to download them to be able to use them on power point but failed miserably.
I forwarded a video to facebook which I sent to a couple of friends which was pretty straight forward - a first for me. I am definitely exploring more since I started with this project!
I did posted the You Tube sites on EMIT for the students to link to for revision - hopefully they found useful, as they have an assessment next week.
The students have been keen to use EMIT more and so I have been making more info available to them through this.
The interactive assessment I've been working on is coming along well.
The quiz-type questions are complete and the interactive diagrams hopefully loaded by tomorrow.
The diagrams use a drag & drop technique for labelling plus they break down like a puzzle and so have to be put back together piece-by-piece and then labels attached appropriately. LTC have done a great job.
I am much more aware of the specialised knowledge available to help with creating some great projects! I feel very inspired. And realise I do not have the time or expertise to do it all myself.
Course Genie appears to be another step forward for me, to load written info and include interactive activities/self-tests and short videos/ practice videos to view, and a glossary of terms......