Monday, August 18, 2008

August 12 session

Added new test on to EMIT. Good feeling knowing that I can!

Been looking at videos on YouTube for more info.... students liked link made to help with assessment.
Made me all the more keen to find out HOW to put movie onto powerpoint presentation... couldn't figure it out before.
Tried MITOSIS video
Firefox seems to be easiest.
Need to download helper plug-in from firefox, will come up as spinning balls.
Click on ball to open and drag mouse to mitosis flv
Save on disc/pendrive
(will need to be converted to put onto powerpoint - paste URL to Dave - can then put onto mediacat or can send to in movie format WMV/ WMF windows media fie- convert ppt.)
Ensure when saving movie ensure saved with ppt in same folder or parts get lost.

As we are coming to a conclusion with our focus group, I explained I was keen to see how to load a video/movie into ppt.
Oriel felt it important that I complete what I had planned to do as part of the focus group and so ensured that we covered this. This was something I hadn't initially thought of, but through the sharing of ideas and reflecting on our sessions it was an area I was keen to pursue.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Missed last weeks session unfortunately, as we were going to look at Photoshop and 'snagit'
Have been browsing You Tube more looking for videos that might be useful in teaching/revision sessions.
I bookmarked a few sites on - would like to have figured out how to download them to be able to use them on power point but failed miserably.
I forwarded a video to facebook which I sent to a couple of friends which was pretty straight forward - a first for me. I am definitely exploring more since I started with this project!
I did posted the You Tube sites on EMIT for the students to link to for revision - hopefully they found useful, as they have an assessment next week.
The students have been keen to use EMIT more and so I have been making more info available to them through this.
The interactive assessment I've been working on is coming along well.
The quiz-type questions are complete and the interactive diagrams hopefully loaded by tomorrow.
The diagrams use a drag & drop technique for labelling plus they break down like a puzzle and so have to be put back together piece-by-piece and then labels attached appropriately. LTC have done a great job.
I am much more aware of the specialised knowledge available to help with creating some great projects! I feel very inspired. And realise I do not have the time or expertise to do it all myself.
Course Genie appears to be another step forward for me, to load written info and include interactive activities/self-tests and short videos/ practice videos to view, and a glossary of terms......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After session

Good discussion at group tonight. Enjoy the sharing of ideas and how everyone is using/exploring this digital technology.
N.B. If putting sound with powerpoint &/video, need to ensure keep info in same folder for it to work, transfer to pen drive in this form.
Liked Lin's view re looking at adverts from teaching perspective, aiming for maximum impact in shortest possible time.
Certainly aim of effective marketing! Getting the point across quickly. Being able to read between the lines... words not always important... can come later.
As tutors we can certainly learn from this technique - getting the point across quickly and hopefully effectively to the students.
I mentioned my problem re not being able to access mediacat - apparently has been a problem but should be fine - will look later.
Keen to view 'ted talks' (google look at creatures amongst others, sounds worth viewing.
We discussed a couple of areas to look at next week - 'snag it', and photoshop. Look forward to this.
Accompanied the beauty students on tour of library this morning - have probably been told before but picked up/was reminded of the on-line beauty magazines/journals available to view... plan to have a look.
Must investigate also if we, as lecturers, can view info available to students from LSC! re EMIT.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Catch up

Well... I had a quick look at
Looks great re interactive nature...
so many different ways to be used...
voice - thought could be great way to aid student pronunciation of new terminology such as highlight terminology in given text - student to click on word and pronunciation given/ in form of given glossary - voice/explanation/image or similar to aid understanding.
I've been keen from the word go in using videos as part of student learning various practical routines... great for them to be able to access outside the classroom too.
In create - interactive features, dialogue boxes - increase appeal of written text.... from a student survey carried out the students like using computers/MP3/txting and not so much reading of the hard copy format. They are much more likely to interact if the information is in a format they are using daily... bebo/facebook commonly used - they enjoy/react postively to the variety.
I googled mediacat as the page wasn't coming up... it identified suesdilproject, and my blog site... so didn't get any further there.... maybe have to access from work only.
I had a look on you tube at the weekend... looked at beauty... odd video quite interesting, searched eyebrows re brow shaping and found a couple of good short videos I thought the students could watch. Good to look but can become extremely time consuming/distracting!
I'd forgotten all about my facebook site. Had a couple of emails reminding me to go and have a look.. a couple of old school friends were there! Hardly recognised them!.......................... sent them a beer :)

22 July session

The environment within the group has been really good. I have enjoyed sharing and listening to peoples use of the technology we have been learning and exploring.
We were introduced to WIMBA which looks great. Things shown such as
Voice - board, tools... being able to intro with voice message/voice email...
Live classroom - chat, micro, webcam
Wimba create (similar to course genie) - converting information from word document
Pronto - instant messaging
Looked fantastic!

Will go in for another look...
I mentioned at the session my probs re finding info for beauty... suggested I look on youtube.
We had another look at mediacat... i still haven't looked at this but am keen to view.

What I've been doing?

Since last session I haven't done so much as I had a head cold/flu. However, I did look on the tafe website for anything that I might be able to use re 'beauty' students learning.
I didn't find anything specific aimed at beauty therapy but went into the hairdressing area and found a learning module on occupational health and safety which was interesting.
I really liked the salon interior with hot spots to identify health and safety issues which I could use. I'd like to go back to the site and see how it could be utlised/ ideas. Tool box code 407
I tried to access 'tlf' but experienced difficulties getting in.
I've been adding converting my assessment onto EMIT which is very rewarding re my progression and understanding!
It's so great to have enthusiastic and patient teachers:)
Looking at the odd blogg site I think images make easier reading, help maintain focus/interest.... haven't added any images to date:(

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday's session I took along a formative assessment I was keen to put onto EMIT and make interactive.
I was shown how to format my assessment to include multiple answers, fill in gaps, drag and click.... I felt really enthused that I had been able to create this, and a bit sad that I felt so enthused. Maybe I had better get out more!
Today I discussed how I could include the pictures in the assessment, utilising hot spots, drag and drop. We also discussed ideas  re moving the mouse over areas on a diagram to bring up information, brilliant. This is exactly what I want to achieve for the students to make their learning more exciting/interested and varied. 
I'd like to include some sound also, have to think about where/how I would like to include this.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Audio session

Tuesday we looked at editing and recording audio.
We had a play around with sound we recorded and then how we edited the sound recording (speech), added sound, and learnt how to intro and fade sound/music, in and out.
I should have written notes to remind me but at the time seemed good to have hands on, and write later? Have looked at audacity download.. I get confused by versions and abbreviations and so didn't get any further. 
I can see using this media would be great for reviewing student consultations and summaries with clients. 
The digital recorder we used in our session on tuesday  
was unobtrusive and could work well without the student feeling overly self-conscious.
Great for them to hear themselves and discuss information with each other and as a group.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today went to watch and listen about the Flexible Learning Toolbox.
Reminded me very much of activities that were part of the on-line learning paper I completed.
Lots of ideas to make the learning experience interactive and interesting.
'hot spots' on pictures to highlight areas and pop up info.
Follow-up worksheets to recap work on clipboard.
Picture sequencing - drag into correct order - dialogue box to identify if incorrect/bounce back
to original position.
Video clip used to intro subject/area to then follow through with various activities.
Link included to other sites.
Vocabulary check/ work find / crossword type of activity.
Multiple attempt assessments..
Discussion board - useful for students who wanted more involvement/feedback/ ideas
Course Genie - able to convert word into html pages /converts ppt to view photos/pictures all at once.
Hot potatos -  true/false, drag and drop activities...
Other options discussed
picture questions with options for answers.. importance for student not having to scroll down page to read all options, need to limit list within frame 
Ability to randomize answers within questions and order of questions.... students can sit test at same time but questions all in different order.
looking at making poster - steps/sequence of performing tasks - pictures done in photoshop

Makes me all the more motivated to get my ideas into action! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We talked about e-portfolio & how certain areas can be screened - liked idea can protect/share info with who choose, to some degree anyway.
Pod casting - must b hosted by someone - Mediacat is a streaming server (host) able to create audio-video media.
Students require broadband connection & Quicktime to view pod cast which could b a problem for some students.
RSS feed - allows u to send your info to another area - their feed has to b RSS enabled
FIREFOX is another server can use

We had a quick look at audio files/audio video files and how to download stuff.
Using Smart board - can get stuff onto computer as well (need notebook software).
students can only c link u make to EMIT
video - mediacat
copy shortcut
Open URL
garageband - straight audio - after load to ipod
(Media player)
audacity re free audio editor and recorder.... need to have a look at some of these things discussed.
Wave file - (audio file) standard on pc
AIF on mac, MP3 - standard on internet
When recording it was noted levels need to b below zero db 0 to -3
Our next session is to use info discussed and to try out ourselves.
Need to bring something next tuesday re recording to edit.
Plan to have intro,body and finish, i.e. beginning, middle and end.
I'm keen to get the facial cleansing routine on video - not great example for using audio (background music, yes) could do voice-over to identify movements being performed.
We need to have music and sound effects???
Massage - intro to classical movements - sound effects could include percussion movts... need to think about this more.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I felt unsure of some of the questions asked in the survey last session.
Some things I had heard of, some I thought I knew but certainly need plenty more exposure & understanding of where I can go.
I explored a few sites..., flickr and watched a pod cast(presentation), wiki.... bit apprehensive as to how far I keep clicking (what things mean) and time factor....
We had talked about starting a blogg but I didn't know where/how to start this. Something for next session.


I am trying to establish some sort of time to be able to sit and reflect on DIL sessions.
The project involves research regarding us as a group, and our progress & development of our skills. It started three weeks ago last tuesday (2 meetings) - fortnightly sessions, altho we can attend each week for extra help/info.
Unfortunately, I missed the Smart Board session which I was keen to attend. Hope to catch up with info some time soon.
Our first session explained the purpose of our group and involvement, establishing what people knew and how/what using at present. We discussed ideas of what we would like to learn and how the facilitators could assist.
The session concluded with a survey to establish what we knew, used and  understood/felt regarding our skills.
Before joining the group my Head of School had brought the DIL project to my attention, knowing I was keen to implement new ideas into the students e learning. 
I have developed various formative assessments with the thinking of enabling them to be on-line interactive activities.
I was introduced to Smart Board at a conference last year. Fantastic technology, loved the fact it's so interactive.
I attended a session re learning on-line at MIT, and went on to complete an on-line paper. Great experience to be on that side of the learning. I had excellent resources/ activities to aid my learning & felt particularly inspired to develop this technology for my own students.
My students are much more IT savvy & so feel important for them to include methods they relate to.
I'd like to include audio-visual resources re practical routines they can view/review after session.
I would like to increase my confidence & develop and extend my skills.
There are so many things unknown to me at this stage which will hopefully change through the tuesday sessions.
I am really looking forward to putting my ideas into action.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First blogg

Up and running...
Am involved in learning more about ITL to implement into student learning environment.