Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 2

Discussion re what we need to think about/record when reading academic literature. We were given a template with questions to consider for each area. Not online with CECIL as yet but information will be accessible re sessions once login organised.
Eunice Price came in to speak to us about her dissertation and article she had published. She was lovely and open about the challenges and demands of postgraduate study, and encouraging to pursue
We talked about ideas for postgraduate research - looking at overlaps of research - where people haven't done particular research - can bring research areas together.
Possible option to cover Masters: 2 papers plus 60 point dissertation (20,000 words)
Challenge of publishing article - reducing word count without losing meaning. Important to know your audience, ensure structure/content suitable for writing style.
Start with lots of ideas and then fine down/condense - likened to a funnel
To look at a subject as if looking through a lens - see the familiar as unfamiliar - look more closely, discovery/questioning
When submitting drafts, feedback will identify ways of refining information - will generally need to resubmit many times before complete/accepted - important to see/view as constructive feedback, a part of postgraduate learning and study, and not as a negative.

Have made notes on 2nd article given for reading: 
Spiller, L. (2012). How can we teach them when they won't listen?. How teacher beliefs about Pasifika values and Pasifika ways of learning affect student behaviour and achievement.

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