Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Up Grade: Skills for postgraduate study

Last week - initial intro to what the course is about - aim to prepare for postgraduate study. Have been wanting to upskill and get my 'teeth' into something. To feel confident/gain skills in critical reading and evaluation, and academic writing to support me into postgraduate studies pathway.
We had a great overview and open discussion - wonderfully welcoming and supportive! Great start!
Have been given a piece of reading by Eunice Price.
Task - to read the article, and then try referencing it. Also to commence learning reflection.

I am originally from the UK, arriving in NZ in 1990 to the role as Principal of a PTE. I gained my adult teaching qualifications, and have been working in an educational role ever since. I am currently employed at Manukau Institute of Technology.  I am particularly interested in the blended learning environment, and in 2008 became involved in the DIL (Digital Literacy Project) at MIT. The project lead me to the exciting discovery, use and development of various online media. A few years later I enrolled on the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning. I found this challenging and thought provoking, including areas such as critical analysis, critical reading and referencing.
I view Professional development in both educational and professional discipline important to my role and being. Although last year I had planned to commence the Up Grade course, I completed NCALE.
I feel ready to commence my postgraduate pathway and having enrolled on the Up Grade course I look forward to being guided towards improved ways of viewing learning, discovering how, to be more confident in putting my ideas forward and being better prepared to start my journey.

I have two wonderful, independant children -  21 year old son who is working/travelling overseas, and 18 year old daughter who is in her first year at the University of Auckland, and a partner who believes in me.

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