Monday, December 19, 2011

In reflection... evaluation is a necessary process to establish or improve the effectiveness of a course.
As identified by Reeves and Hedberg (2006), preparing a plan helps you understand the size and scope of an evaluation project, and establishes interaction with stakeholders to help with identifying key questions and decisions.
The process has been informative and extremely challenging at times.
Working collaboratively has been interesting, sharing ideas and experiences however, being able to establish a regular 'meeting' time would have been more productive. Difficulties were experienced due to varying work demands. Problems with the LMS affected timelines and accessibility, and therefore continuity of the process.
I was surprised I hadn't received any comments on my blog until a colleague informed me that they would have to subscribe to to be able to read my posts. I thought a link had been applied to Blackboard. Something to bear in mind if students were to set up an external blog.
In regard to our evaluation, the results identified the course had overall been effective.
One particular aspect the students identified as a concern was the slowness of the internet speed.
A positive result as to to our questions being answered as to whether we should continue with online delivery and adapt this approach into other subject areas.

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Reeves, T. C., & Hedberg, J.G. (20080. Evaluating E-Learning : A user friendly guide. (In press)

Regarding Assessment 4, checking interaction on another blog/project - I have interacted, perhaps somewhat briefly on a couple of blogs, including projects but didn't make note of this.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

you don't need to subscribe to blogger to see the posts unless you set it up this way. You have made some interesting points in your posts and it is evident you have read widely.