Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking back at my notes, I acknowledge looking forward to when we will be able conclude and submit our final assessment.
November 15 we were fixing up suggestions made to our draft plan......the problems experienced with our email service being down was frustrating (drawing our submission date out further!)
I was experiencing problems formatting but Sue managed to sort it out.
It was with great relief to hit the send button for submission :)
Work commitments have occupied much of my time of late..... the difficulties experienced maintaining sufficient contact to move ahead with our assessment has been a challenge to stay on track.
Perhaps I shouldn't need it at this level, but an email to remind me what week we were at would have been helpful - a gentle prompt to check the course blog..... 
We had a very successful meeting with regard to re writing the questions - improving appropriateness/effectiveness, and to ensure fit to triangulate findings
Leanne was to organise students to complete survey and Gary to conduct interview.
I received an email from Sue today with the statistics of the online questionnaire completed, and suggested we have a meeting to organise how the results are going to be presented, and writing up our report.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

Oonagh you must have missed the weekly emails from emit, and announcements on eMit reminding people to read the course blog (link provided) where the weekly tasks were laid out. No wonder you felt you were working in the dark.